Monday, March 14, 2011

where is Spring?

snow-covered once again
I feel so cold and tired today
wondering when relief will come...
and then my thoughts go across the ocean to Japan
and my complaint becomes silent

just before the earthquake and tsunami
I received an email from a lovely woman
in Japan
she was answering a question I had asked
regarding the Saori loom that I recently came across
on the internet, completely by chance
there are things that I have been learning
just by reading about the history of
this kind of weaving and the philosophy of it as well
it resonates with such a deep part of me

I am going to respond to Ms. Jo this evening
she lived in Columbia for one year as a student
here at this campus of the University of Missouri
I hope she and her family and friends are safe...
I am sad her nation-community is suffering so much

when I went to Japan many years ago,
it made such a deep impression on me
I would very much like to return especially to study
Saori weaving from the woman who started it
and she is very old and very strong
weaving every day
there is an aspect of healing meditation in her process
I want to know that in my life

going to Japan
buying a loom that costs way more than I can afford
why do I even think of these things?
because I will always be a dreamer

at our journaling Holistic Healing seminar the other day
one of the exercises was to write a 10-point Wish List
I enjoyed that exercise
any day that I decided to write that list
it would have some similar and same elements
and then again
re-thought and new ones I am sure

what today is an inspired exciting wish
tomorrow I may not even remember
or the day after tomorrow I may
absolutely see as natural and needed as fresh air...

I hear the splashing of slushy snow outside my window
it is good to be warm with quiet thoughts

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