Wednesday, March 16, 2011

daffodils out from the snow

this afternoon I went outside and saw that my daffodils
are getting ready to bloom
those flowers came as a gift from my friend Janet
soon after I was diagnosed with cancer

it was a nice thought, I thought, and at the same time
I wondered why she sent me something that made me have to work
I was still hardly getting around very much
the flower bulbs came all the way from Holland
direct to me and I knew she gave these to me for a purpose:

I would have something to look forward to
in a future season
there would be sunny blooms and she was right
I did look forward to them and they bloomed beautifully
(even though I planted them at the very last possible moment)

when my former landlady became completely insane as well as irresponsible
we had to leave even though it was winter and I had to have surgery
right at the same time
one of the moving nights it was so cold and dark
I took a flashlight and plastic buckets and rescued
my daffodil bulbs - as many as I could find!
went back to the new place where we are now and
planted them in the cold dark back yard
what the neighbors must have thought???

last year they bloomed
and today when I went out into the sunshine
buds were forming even after having been buried under tons of snow...
there are still patches of snow around, and then here come the daffodils
determined, strong, mighty, and delicate at the same time

I had made a pile of some broken clay pieces in the garden area
and after moving some mulchy-leaves, discovered that some other
bulbs were pushing their way to the sun, despite my mistake
of putting the clay in the wrong place

carefully, I moved things around so the tender light green leaves
could have the support needed and my apology, too

nature finds a way
that fact helped me find a way today to deal with an issue
a friend was there and helped me move some "clay pieces" out of my way
"rainy day eyes" cleared...

it was fun to brush my fingers through some ornamental grasses
I planted last year - they are still pretty short but longer than my hair
it reminded me of days long ago when I could run my fingers through
long hair on my head!


  1. Wow Gloria--I didn't know that you had dug those daffodils up from your old house and moved them to the new one!! How wonderful!! They are still blooming and so are you my friend!!

  2. Janet, there was no way that I was going to leave my daffodils behind! It was such a lovely loving gift and it did help me a lot with looking forward... you knew that and I learned from you. What a kind way to teach a person a lesson.
    ~thank you again~
    love, Gloria

  3. Dear Gloria...I'm so happy to have found YOU again through your blog...I saw it in the blog list on Sandi's blog! I've missed hearing from & about you...what a lovely surprise on this finally warmer day here in OH. I took pix of the crocus that have bloomed across our front yard...and posted them to my blog if you want to take a look.
    Spring flowers are renewal, for sure!
    With much love...

  4. hi Debbie / Kitten!
    so nice to be connected once again - thank you so much, and I definitely will visit your blog. this style of "social networking" is working for me at this time... Debbie, when I wear the artist necklace you made for me, it makes me feel very special.
    love you, too,