Thursday, March 24, 2011

MRI results for Bryan

we got to the doctor's office right after school
Bryan has tendinitis (sp?)
it is important that we finally know what he is dealing with
he will not be able to play tennis
for the whole week ahead - which is Spring Break - a time
when the guys who stay in town generally play a lot,
especially challenge matches before the season begins

this is hard for Bryan
he was working hard during practices
loves it
loves the team experience
and wants to support his team

Coach has been very good to him
I appreciate that a lot

rest is what Bryan needs for his foot/leg to heal
it is a major tendon
the doctor said that he was lucky that it did not actually
that would have required surgery

at this stage
even though he may start at the JV level to start off the season
& see how the healing is progressing
then work from there.
knowing Bryan, he will be the best supporter for the other players
his friends
even though he may not have the "position" he worked and hoped for...

Brandon's hand has healed so well, what a relief
he is teaching tennis to more and more students
the other day I was at the tennis courts (Hickman High's) to pick Bryan up
met Coach's Mom there, we first met last year
she was holding Coach's sweet little baby Collin
and shared with me that she and her lady-friends have a very good tennis
teacher, helping them with their doubles play: my son Brandon!
that cracked me up to think of Brandon with a group of 9 women
(a really wide age range)!!!
and then with large groups of children and an ever-growing group of
private lessons... good for him, it's a lot of work and dedication
what a great job to have while going through college.

one time a couple of summers ago
Brandon was teaching a class and it was my first time seeing him do that
he was so great with the kids! they were all having lots of fun: 15 kids, amazing!
and Brandon's boss needed help with the MU Green Tennis Center's phones
and asked 15-year-old Bryan to answer phones for an hour
and get paid $10 for helping out - cool first "job"!
I felt so proud!
My two boys were running the multi-million dollar MU Tennis Center! WOW!
that was a great hour in my life storybook...
the tennis center was in good hands.
oh, and Brandon has announced on his Facebook front page
that he is "in a relationship"
he is dating a girl on the MU Women's Tennis Team, her name is Mahdi
I am looking forward to meeting her
I am happy for them
I am happy for Bryan...

the other night my two boys were together, Brandon came over for a visit
and they were watching some goofy show, one that they used to watch
when they were much younger
something about searching-out mythical creatures
Gary told me after I came back from a meeting that they were so funny
laughing hard, long and
there is no music more beautiful to me: my laughing children... together


  1. Oh Gloria-they are just the best!! and it's mostly because they've had such a wonderful role model for a mom!!

  2. I am glad that Brian did not have to have surgery. My son Ben did have hand surgery this week. He is doing well. He had a bunch of scar tissue scraped around his right middle knuckle. Baseball is on hold for now.

    Isn't it fun watching your children grow up and become young adults? Sorry to see the pains along the way, but that too is a part of the growing process.

    Peace to you.