Thursday, March 10, 2011

strange day for a picnic

seemed like a regular day
went to work to take care of my client

pulling the details in:
my little lady fell
and I went down with her,
able to cushion her fall
but I got hurt in the process

my right eye smashed into the handle
of her walker
as we went down and the pain was very bad.
I was very sure she was alright
on the floor next to me
I grabbed my eye once I settled her
and prayed I could see

it was amazing that I could
I was overwhelmed with gratitude
[sight, our lovely eyes are a gift beyond measure]
traumatized and with with adrenalin pumping me
to the extreme, the rush of thoughts lined up, enabling me
to take action in seconds that seemed like a long long time

gently able to help her to a sitting position
fluffed up with pillows
made a quick emergency call for help
that arrived in minutes

ice pack for me
and since it had turned into breakfast time
I looked around the room for a
very low table
ah ha! a picnic basket that I use for
craft supplies
looked perfect

my little lady on the floor
felt so bad that I was hurt
so I shifted the focus
to a Spring Picnic on the Living Room Floor:

no matter what - turn the story into
a better memory than it started out to be...

there have been meetings already to make changes
and adjustments for her
and learning on my part
tears came naturally, and I was told many times
by very excellent and professional persons,
people I am honored to work for and with,
that I did the best anyone could have done for her.
I appreciated those words, knowing that they would
most likely not have added my personal injury
to the story, more able with experience to "see"
the bigger environmental picture.

it was an accident
my eye is okay, pain subsiding, and strangely enough
looks like purple eye shadow: a stylish black eye?
the "incident" has been documented
paperwork done
if I need to go to a doctor I will

I was very shaken
lots of good people took care of us
and I insisted on staying for the remainder
of my shift - every scenario under the sun
was offered to me, and I wanted to stay

I was very tired and did go home a bit earlier
from the office part of my work day
and last night we had our Holistic Group
the topic was tough for me
but I had committed to attending all sessions
so I went
even though I might have used an "excuse"

I am glad that I went because of the women
in the group more than the speaker and topic
afterwords, made sure I got back in time to take Bryan
he met with his Tae Kwon Do teacher
and that was another special time for me, too

we have made a family there with the teachers
parents and students over the years
Bryan is close to his black belt
had to take a break for reasons
more complicated than I want to write about now
so it was excellent to make the connection
last night

quite a long day it was

today was treatment day
blood tests looked very good for
being off chemo for one month now

month by month
day by day
and then moments
sometimes laughing
on the floor
wounded, wound up,
sharing mutual apologies
of course

and a lot of learning all the way around


  1. What a day you had. Glad you were able to keep your little lady from hurting herself. Hope your eye heals quickly!!

  2. I'm so glad you're okay, Gloria. You're such a trooper! Turning a fall into a loving picnic instead? You're a rare gem. :o)


  3. Way to go Gloria. The picnic was inspired. And, only you could turn a black eye into purple eye shadow.

    Sounds like you need to put another fork in a piece of cheesecake to me!