Sunday, March 6, 2011

4 forks in the cheesecake

this evening we all met at Olive Garden
to celebrate my chemo break and also
Bryan's excellent score on his 1st ACT

we shared a booth
and that was cozy and a nice way
to say way-to-go

I suggested a margarita (sp?) and let that go
it was just fun to joke about it
I chose the meal with perhaps the lowest
caloric destructiveness
so of course I went for the most outrageous
I have had a craving for cheesecake for
a way long long time
so I caved
and asked for 4 forks

the guys all helped me out
graci (I do want to learn Italian someday)
but I did make the major dent
and it was fabuloso
and I feel zero guilt
just lucious satisfaction

we talked about many different things
including weird and strange dreams we've had
there was teasing - of course -
what kind of gathering would it be without
and laughing

earlier today chipped away more
in my studio-in-the-becoming
and it is coming along
it is less of a stress in my thinking
I want it to be a flowing process
rather than a gritty one
if that makes any sense

donated one of my sewing machines
the one I have used for beaucoup years
and unwrapped a wonderful one that was given
to me by my friend Portia in Santa Fe
many years ago - it is super
and I set it up and used it to sew
a card
for her

the thread in the bobbin was hers
the top thread I put in
and the combo looks terrific

I opened up a kraft paper envelope
and sewed on that
resealed with glue
sewed on a piece of paper to kraft cardstock
that I had made a rubbing on
from an old wooden fabric "stamp" from India
(my sweet client has it on her wall - I took it
down so we could make this rubbing together)
it feels good to put things in play
my art tools & toys & my imagination

a good weekend with lots of good rest
some projects set in motion
some good reads in books and mags
and a fork that could not wait to dive into
that cheesecake
and head straight back to my face!


  1. Congratulations to Bryan on his ACT scores!
    Sounds like a very good weekend!

  2. Sounds like some awesome creativity going on there. Would love to see the direction your studio is going some time.

    Congratulations to Bryan!

    Ah, yes, cheesecake. I am a big fan of that!