Wednesday, March 23, 2011

art therapy

last evening we had our final Holistic Healing group meeting
for this first session - and we will be marching on

our friend Nancy who is an artist in Columbia as well as one of our
chemo nurses
prepared an art feast for us
it was such a good time

when we walked into the conference room
the tables were all covered to protect surfaces
and there were countless interesting art treasure supplies
placed all over the tables and surrounding tables as well

some ladies brought their own supplies and had specific projects in mind
but my idea was to walk in without a plan without a clue
and to be in a position to just play and enjoy using toys
that my friend brought to use
it freed me up
let me not have control over the project like I am used to having,
working with my own supplies

it was fun watching what others were creating
and I did glimpse a few
my mind was really focused on the white board in front of me...
ended up tearing out a piece of music: "my favorite things"
The Sound of Music spoke to me
and when Nancy asked if I was going to use glitter
I said of course and just sprinkled a little on and it
looked pretty and different than my usual stuff
that's the idea of playing it seemed to me last night

I wished we had more time
we are going to keep going with the group
new topics
perhaps new people
and I want to be part of another group that will be meeting
on Wednesdays in the afternoon
much to learn
hopefully I am able to add something as well

my work situation is in changing mode
a reflection of my client's world as hers changes
tomorrow I meet a gentleman who may become a new client
for me
he sounds like a real character
and all characters are welcomed

I am troubled
trying to understand how communication breaks down
when it seemed like good channels would last forever and ever
what does it mean to lose people in our lives
this side of dying..........

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