Friday, March 18, 2011

singing in the rain

at my little lady's home today /
her care team expressing lots of concerns
particularly about her overwhelming exhaustion...
when I suggested a nap
she said "after we do the Easter decorations, not now..."

at two of my thrift stores I scored some sweet
Easter decorations and we had fun opening the bag
might as well have been Christmas with all the fuss
and the fact that we now have two trees for her

it struck me that as tired as she was, it was more important
to play
right now
not after a nap
but right now
and she was totally involved with my antics
and details
where to place what is what we decide together

what started as a Charlie Brown Easter tree
turned into a cute little gem
the bigger tree more elegant with a string of "pearls"
(miniature garland)
and light as a feather paper eggs floating amongst her vintage pieces
at a cost of $2.20 (things I brought)
what fun we had with so little

it is the doing
it is the pushing the nap aside
it is being present in the now
making a present to each other out of nothing but laughter really
and realizing the absolute beauty of
sharing even the tiniest moments of being with another being

I was asked yesterday if I really liked my job
if working 20-24 hours a week was maybe too much for me


I love my job even though at times I get very tired
if I could work more hours - at times I do - I would
there is no way to describe how much I gain from being with my elderly folks
and my friends who are staff members and fellow CareGivers
we directly affect people's lives
it is immediate
it is at times simple
repetitive the same stories over and over and over and over...
and I train my mind and ears to hear it anew over and yet again
because in their own fog
it is as fresh as a Spring morning breeze
and I want my return-smile to reflect that

...I was searching for music for her
and found some good ol' movies in a drawer!
Singing in the Rain!
it was a VHS wrapped never opened
so after her long nap she decided it was a good day
for a movie
and I actually got the tech stuff together to make it happen
(my kids would be either shocked and/or impressed)

we laughed and sang the songs we knew
had time for half the movie
the plan is to finish it next time I go over and visit
that will be Monday, many moments from now

we shall see
we shall see

"I'm singing in the rain
I'm singing in the rain
what a glorious feeling I'm happy again..."


  1. I hope when I am older, if I need someone to take care of me that there will be someone just as wonderful and special as you to do it!!

  2. What a wonderful way to start my day reading about singing in the rain. Makes me want to sing. Gloria, your lady is so lucky to have you as her caregiver. I come in contact daily with many 80 and 90 somethings and there are very few who live life. Most want to complain about all that isn't like it was in the day!

  3. "old age" with young mind is so incredible to witness, isn't it? those who see the negative all the time, whether it be the weather which is never what it "should be" or the very real ailments that hinder life from being like it was "in the day," it affects those around them as well as the person...

    when we first started caregiving for my little lady last year at this time close to Spring, she had no interest whatsoever in our being in her home or life! I was sent in to see what I could do - we had "contests" to see how long we could last in a three hour shift before being kicked out!... we have some stories from that time!

    finally, it came down to a decision I made to have a "showdown" of sorts: and I had no earthly idea of what I was going to say! ... it came down to an insight that surprised me when I opened my mouth...

    ..."clearly you do not need us to be here now... there will, however be a time when you will, and YOUR DAUGHTER LOVES YOU SO SO MUCH that she is preparing ahead of time so that you will have people you know in place, rather than complete strangers... isn't that wonderful and thoughtful and insightful of her...? how wonderful to be loved like that?..." and things began to change... slowly