Saturday, January 29, 2011


at times during the day
since beginning to write here
I find myself very aware of what is going on
so that I can hold onto it
ever so carefully
then try to transfer it here
share it
let it fly

sometimes I forget
other times
it is all so "ordinary"
that I can't imagine it worth
writing about

not one for the reality tv stuff
of finding it of interest to observe
a person trudging through the house in a bathrobe
hair sticking out all over
brushing teeth
or throwing things around a kitchen

and heaven forbid the hoarder shows
that make me a little bit worried
about mental health issues
I don't hoard I collect (we all say that I am sure)
I can let things go, I prove that regularly
(ouch, I am worried!)


in this book I have
called "Sweeping Changes"
(which I cannot put my hands on in the moment,
oh no, I'd better find it and read it AGAIN)
the point is made over and over
that it is in the course of daily
simple natural tasks done with the presence of mind
and spirit
that take the mundane to the level
of the sacred

naturally then
the simplest parts of our days are elevated
by a person who is awake enough
to mindfully
put on clothes
(and play with them and in them!)
sweep the floor...

okay, time to get back to setting free
art things that need a new life
in new hands

and for the record
I spent most of the day in a bathrobe
and loved every second of it
crazy hair and all


  1. If you had ever been the star of a reality show, I wish it had been during the time when you had short-notice visitors and made that over-the-top delicious strawberry cake at the last minute. Although, come to think of it, your written description of that episode was probably more entertaining than the video ever could have been!

    I still have the recipe, btw. :)

    So glad you're writing again!

  2. Grace Right Back Atcha
    That was a really fun day - thanks for the memory, I am singing that to you btw...