Saturday, January 15, 2011

3 bluebirds & two worlds

I have three beautiful glass bluebirds of happiness
they are special to me
two were collected from thrift store
treasure hunting adventures
one was a gift from one of my elderly clients...
(that is a whole story for another moment)

two are on the windowsill in the kitchen
one is on my desk at work
they are reminders for me
they are meant to be gifts to Gary Brandon and Bryan

I dashed to the Salvation Army
on my way to work
HOPING that the two glass globe
paperweights were still there
let them still be there

and so they were carefully wrapped
in cloth dinner napkins - 25 cents each - and I dashed again
this time with a grateful smile
replacing my anxious entry face

one of the globes is clear glass
one is blue
at some quiet moment
I will have Brandon sitting on one side of me
Bryan on the other
and I will place the whole world in
their gentle hands

I can give them the world
each of them

I am going to dash one last time today
to go outside in the garage
and rescue the two earths
from the freezing cold

wash them in the morning
and find a special place to keep them
until placing them in those precious hands
with a whole world ahead of them

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