Thursday, January 13, 2011


last night I spent a long time
with a new post
to find it had evaporated
some notation about how
there was an error in saving

it was a bit frustrating and then
a funny kind of relief
and now I find it funny
since it was stiff with being
too aware that someone
might actually be reading it!
ah, the censor in my head
the one that wants to make
sure that I write something
historically-worthy enough
worth-reading enough
and all that

the memorial service in Tucson
was a candle in darkness

for this new day I am grateful
I walk into it with
Auld Lang Syne - ah, spell check?
ringing and singing in my head
[I was singing as I drove home from
taking Bryan to school after two snow days]
from the James Taylor Christmas CD
that plays in my Escape
all the year long

"Mom, is that a Christmas CD? It's July... August... etc..."
Yes, indeed it is, want to sing along?

It's a Wonderful Life

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