Tuesday, January 18, 2011

my declaration of love

yesterday on the way to work
I was transported way beyond the road I was on

it was a spiritual experience
the kind in the context of daily life
open heart open mind
reflecting on what has been described as
I wanted to get things out of my head
so I could just drive and be free
of what has been hurting

I wondered in my thinking
how things could become SIMPLE
and then this phrase came on
clear and strong

I will make:

"My Declaration of Love to My Family"
and this loving wave came over me

each person in my family came to mind
and I declared my love for that person
strong and free

also I told each person what I regretted
between us
there were things that surprised me
because they were not necessarily
ideas in my conscious/forefront mind

it was a relatively short drive
yet the power of the experience
transcended time and place
the love I felt was far beyond
my personal
for these people

I was so happy
as I entered the home
of my little elderly client

it took a little effort
to transfer that experience
to my job-life
and it was wonderful to feel
so in-the-moment with myself
during the day

not continuously
yet the gift that I received in the experience
was something I needed
and hope to learn from and expand upon...


  1. Here's a public declaration of love for you too, my dear sister!

  2. Thanks my brother...
    it means more than words can say.