Wednesday, February 23, 2011

you can't take it with you

what a great old movie
"never a dull moment"

when you find yourself laughing
totally out loud
and when your heart is touched
in that lovely squishy sweet way
it's a wonderful life
over and over

I didn't want the movie to end
all the crazy antics of
the joy of life
sliding down a banister
when you are all grown up
and writing plays because a typewriter
was mistakenly delivered to the house...

Lionel Barrymore's character Grandpa Van de Hoff (is that right?)
was just a perfect person for me to meet
this evening
his harmonica certainly makes a case
for serious "sound therapy"

thanks to my brother Dave
for his gift of introducing me/us
to many movie-treasures otherwise missed

love conquers all and that fabulous dinner scene
at the end of the movie...
I just loved his prayer
and all his prayers before meals

there is an escape into the heart of a movie
that touches real life
if we invite it in

invitation sincerely and heartily sent...

1 comment:

  1. Hi Gloria,
    I'm so glad you enjoyed "You Can't Take It With You" !
    A friend of mine suggested I watch it.
    I think he knew it would cheer me up.

    It took several nudgings from him, but I finally did,
    It is so full of life and happiness and nuttiness.
    It was nice to see another side of Lionel Barrymore,
    instead of the mean Mr Potter in 'It's a Wonderful Life'.

    There are some movies I will watch a few times
    every year, and this will be one of them.

    There are so many great movies out there.
    I will send you a few more every now and then.

    Take care, big sis,