Thursday, February 3, 2011

digging out

there is one lane "traffic" on our street
if I meet another car tomorrow on my way to work
one of us will hopefully be in a position
to pull into a driveway
when I was outside today
having knitted enough
and generally bored myself
it felt good to feel cold
and dig out a path for the post man

no mail in the box
a strange sense of time standing still

I did go through many studio boxes today
and have things set aside to give away
finding things I have totally forgotten about
is fun and it costs nothing to find
"new" toys for art and decorating

this digging out is much more challenging
than heavy shovels full of snow
lift the snow
heave it
leave it
and the mountains will eventually melt
away on their own

I like doing a very neat job with the snow
it looks like progress has been made
a task accomplished
and when we do it as a team
I really enjoy that best
the other day during the blizzard
it was fun to laugh with Bryan
might as well
we knew we were gloing to be able to get
and to always remember the storm


  1. Hi, Gloria. I am enjoying your messages. You are always an inspiration to me.

    I also wanted to share a link. I created a blog to retell the story of the HMM Bus Trip finally :) Hope you enjoy it.

    Kim F.

  2. Right there shoveling with you - 20" of snow. Yuck! Thank goodness for 4 wheel drive!

    Jeff G.

  3. Oh wow Kim I can't wait to click the link :)
    Happy Dance

    Sorry Gloria I got carried away with the moment...giggle

    Digging thru your treasures in your studio might feel a bit like Christmas. Today I managed to sort thru 2 totes of various fabrics, silks which I love, plus velvets, pattern fabrics, hot pinks, purple, etc. what fun because now I might just be a tiny bit "organized" so I can get back to sewing some "crazy quilt pieces" once again.

    New Mexico is in a state of emergency with all the gas outages, we are lucky we do have gas, our water did freeze yesterday but today it defrosted showers feel great when you ache.

    Thanks for sharing your days with us, I love reading them.
    Warm Hugs
    Sister Jody

  4. these three comments come as such a nice surprise!!! Hi Jody, Jeff & Kim... love to you all... no matter how "far away" in time or space, our lives are woven together. and that goes for everyone who touches base here on my 2nd life blicketyblog

    Jeff, your driveway with all this snow - can't quite imagine how you dealt with it!

    Kim, the HMM bus trip? here I come, stories and more stories, it's a club we keep expanding

    Jody, you have a magical touch with your art - you know I love your creations and keep them close by