Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the beauty of enthusiasm

I remember my Mom saying that one of the great things
about having children is that she could learn from them

ditto from me

after the kitchen philosophy experience
Bryan did some reading on a mathematical sequence
if I could name it and explain it
that would border on the miraculous

I can't so I won't

the point is that I was so moved by his excitement
at his learning a whole new way of observing
the world around and the universe
his enthusiasm was contagious!

going to school in the morning was an experience
listening to him, trying to keep up with what he was sharing...
when we met in the afternoon I wondered what his day was like
did his math teacher burst at the seams with
his enthusiasm?

as it turned out she did not
his friends thought he was a bit on the strange side
and he questioned what school was all about
if you couldn't
be all inspired and have that be the environment?
he had a better way of expressing that
I am only doing my best

when Bryan said that what he had learned was simply
my heart broke open
and I wanted to transport us to a
land in my own imagination
take both of my sons
to ancient Greece to meet Socrates or something!

anyway, we had a good conversation and later
I saw he was reading something online that was connected
to that theory

a rebuttal of sorts - it burst his bubble

I felt sad in a way
that sense of losing a passionate feeling
because of "logic"?

and so we had another good talk on the way to school
this morning
about that very thing

I shared with Bryan about the origin of the word
ENTHUSIASM: Greek: en theos / "in God"
he brought up the topic of how great thinkers and
new ideas
were often laughed at and rejected
for even hundreds of years before being proven

I love being with my boys

even when we just sit together
in silence

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  1. Love that story about Bryan--what a special human being he is...