Saturday, February 19, 2011

on volunteering

yesterday I found out that in order to volunteer
at the cancer center
a patient needs to be out of treatment
for at least one year;
or if the person is a family member
of the cancer patient
at least one year past treatment
or after the person has died

the minute I heard this,
I understood
the examples also helped
it was disappointing and also a little
will I ever be able to volunteer?
yes, but perhaps not formally

I can volunteer to "be there"
for a person who is lost and needs to get
to "the A" waiting room
or B or C or whatever...
I can offer to get a blanket
or crocheted hat
for someone who is cold
because of the treatment
or perhaps the fear we sometimes
know on a darker, colder day

if a laughfest might help a few of us
I could be found as either the
or an enthusiastic shenanigans supporter...

there have been countless times when others
have been there for me
and so the caring wraps us up together
in a quilt of stories
and tears
and funny comments
silence and soft smiles
and times of aloneness
that we need to be respected

so now I have 3 Wednesdays a month
that are relatively open
(Bryan and I do his school
going & coming home together)
I could work extra hours
or I could do something new

when I went with Brandon to Artlandish Gallery
the other day
I asked Lisa (artist/gallery owner) if I could
apprentice to her
become her student:
the discussion has begun!
is that what I might try to do
on these few new open days?
we will talk soon.

knowing myself, I will continue
to reflect on what volunteers might wear,
like a very cool vest for heaven's sake!
come on, let's get this rolling with
some style

my one Wednesday is enhanced by
Brooklyn-Jane being there...

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  1. A shenanigan supporter--what a great phrase!! Maybe on one of your free Wednesdays, you could come spend some time at my house????