Tuesday, February 15, 2011

many things

there are a lot of things I want to write about
for example:

- why I love my job so much
- a style of weaving I just learned about called SAORI
- the Holistic classes I am taking, leaving soon for "aromatherapy"
- I would like to write about different people I have met
in chemotherapy...
- and other thoughts

this new therapy is helping protect me while being off of chemo
the side effects are minimal, but then fatigue does get to me
from time to time
that's ok - I can handle it by resting when I need to
I saw a commercial for one of the meds I take and
if I had even half of the side effects of just that one med
I would be a real mess!
add to that all the others... but I am very lucky that it
all comes at me in manageable waves

need a short nap before heading out

the other "thing" I want to share a story about:
- my very own pagoda swing
this morning I shoveled snow off of the deck
and made a pathway from the driveway in front
to the backyard and deck
a pagoda swing? crazy story here in the heart of the Midwest!


  1. A pagoda swing??? You've got me curious... Lovely aromatherapy tonight!!

  2. Here is a link that I found on google on SAORI:


    OMG look at this link:


    :) (((HUGS))