Tuesday, February 1, 2011


this blizzard we are experiencing
is pretty rare in these here parts
something like over 25 years since
a storm like this has hit

the Connecticut Yankee
French Canadienne in me likes
to go out and wrestle with the storm
shovel that snow
and laugh at the wind biting my face!

for whatever reason I do not get
all frostbitten
I get dressed properly enough
no fancy ski pants, etc
for two dollars last year
I found an olive green jacket/coat
with a fur-edged hood
the Eskimos know what they are doing
for forever

and Eskimo is no longer the pc name
but they feel my respect and gratitude
my kids tease me for having a dead animal
around my face
and the last time I remember wearing fur
was my soft as a bunny white rabbit
hand muffler or mit or whatever they were called
I felt like the Princess of Connecticut
when I used it
and if memory serves me (laugh)
I had a white fur collar to match
what a cute little girl
all fuzzy and warm...

at this moment my face is bright red
and warm
and I feel refreshed
Bryan and I worked with one snow shovel
and one garden shovel
this town was crazy yesterday preparing for this
there was not a snow shovel to be found
at 2:00 in the afternoon
so the garden shovel was a last minute
purchase by three of us women in Ace Hardware

funny to hear people talking with each other
helping each other out
of course I was instigating things too
Ace was calling Home Depot and
Lowe's (sp) was checking Wal-Mart
and we were all bracing before getting hit

I wish we all communicated like this
on a regular old nice day...

I think we could use some hot chocolate
the governor declared a state of emergency
I declare it's hunker-down time
and good books are calling to me


  1. Gloria--I had a white fur muff- it was probably rabbit's fur (yikes) when i was a little girl. I was the Princess of Missouri!!

  2. Be safe and stay warm. Hugs to you. B.

  3. I feel just like you...the other day I went to the grocery store in the snow and saw cars sliding around and filthy as all get-out (just like mine), and my spirit really resonated with these Yankees...I love living somewhere where you have to be tough to survive! :)

    Of course, the argument could be made that you have to be tough to survive a Missouri heat wave, too. :D