Tuesday, February 8, 2011

this evening

what a great evening
"Holistic Healing"
our first meeting
of over twenty people
mostly cancer patients
gathering to learn together

their will be seven meetings
each Tuesday
one was canceled last week due to the blizzard

tonight the way we began was by introducing
ourselves briefly
that was powerful to me
we defined ourselves mostly by the
type of cancer we are dealing with
and for how long
just that information is so much to take in

there are "veteran survivors"
women newly diagnosed - a wide range
and also many different types of cancer
some I have never even heard of...
it was so valuable and moving, from the very beginning

even healthy food treats - impressive!

the topic this evening was
our speaker is very knowledgeable
and does an excellent job with a large group
good info, Q & A, and the best part was
a five-minute meditation we experienced all
it was wonderful!
I felt honored, focused and extremely grateful
to our teacher, those who made it possible
and every single warrior-woman in that room
I felt an immediate love and respect
this deep unspoken connection with everyone

my heart wanted to listen and listen and listen some more
to every story any person wanted to share

it was the first time since being diagnosed that
I felt comfortable in a support-group-type-of-setting
(Look Good Feel Good group was fun, now that I think about it!)

anyway, looking forward to using what I have learned
and anxious for the next time we meet:
"aromatherapy" is our upcoming topic

we are fortunate to be part of this beginning
I have hoped and dreamed of such a day
Denise made it happen
what a gift she is
what a gift she gave us all
the ripple effects...
far and wide and deep

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