Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the little things

when Janet wrote in a comment that she liked the story
about Uncle Don and the box of chocolates
it reminded me of the time
writing Holy Moly...
I would write these stories out
and give them to her on paper copies
and they would come back with red and green
pen notations

green was for "green light"
something that stood out for whatever reason
special, especially funny or significant
she laughed or cried (those are the ones I liked to read best!)
red was for a re-think, spell check, clarification
pull in, expand, delete...
I loved looking for the green ink!
she was always gentle with the red

we did that for over a year

it made me see daily life differently
during that process and ever since

the encapsulated moment
the story within a story
engaging the experience to enhance
the power of words, good and truly heartfelt
and the sounds that quiet weaves
naturally, not artificially,
with a consciousness, a presence of spirit

not weighted with a morbid sense of
this may be the last time I see you
but with a heightened awareness
that this is the only time
we will be together in this way:
let's engrave it and wrap it with a signature style
take a snapshot
make a mini-movie
stage a musical, off-key, with no sets
just the cosmos as background and witness

Bryan sang to Olivia today!
there were people all around
it was first-kiss perfect

you can sing in the rain
in the sunshine
through storms
and share the perfect personal moment
in a brilliant way
that eclipses
the sun itself


  1. I loved that time Gloria of being your "friendly" reader!! i wish I could have been a fly on the wall seeing Bryan sing to Olivia!!

  2. Thank you dear Gloria, I do so love reading your "written words"...love you hugs