Saturday, August 27, 2011

East Coast

I grew up on the East Coast
and have family and friends there
getting hammered by this storm
makes me sad and fearful for them

my heart and thoughts are with them
and all the people facing this hurricane

nature has its powerful beauty as well as forceful
ravaging away
one time blasting a corridor of devastation through Joplin
now smashing waves up the coast
churning lives and worlds
and then there is


after the shattering howling screaming winds

the water will recede
the boards will come off the houses

people will go home
to find what remains
and they will be changed in some ways

the morning light will come
I pray that there will be loved ones
to hold hands
to look deeply into each others' eyes
to look for the new day
not alone
the shoreline changes over time
loving bonds are meant to be forever

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