Tuesday, August 16, 2011

flower girls revisited

flower girls came from other states as well:
that dawned on me early this morning
my apologies & gratitude extended

and speaking of flowers
can you believe that along with lovely flowers
in her room
there are even water lilies
in a pond
in New Mexico!
somehow I think of those exclusively
in lakes in Massachusetts
only accessible if you
row your boat

if you know how to zip around in your wheelchair
you can get to them
in the high desert as well apparently

flowers flowers everywhere
healing wheeling in your chair

(couldn't resist, I used to do that everyday
with Brandon and Bryan, making up little
poems-in-songs usually, getting up in the morning,
on the way to and back from school
it also included making up words
because once you start to rhyme
you have to finish it
no matter what)

1 comment:

  1. am thirlled for your mom that she is surrounded by "flowers"
    ah boxes, they soon will disappear with "time"....love you hugs coming your way