Sunday, August 14, 2011

a certain kind of fragile

that phrase just popped into my head
a certain kind of fragile
I wasn't thinking of any particular subject
it was a feeling that came like a night breeze

I like falling asleep in a hammock
under trees
late in the afternoon
and the evening approaches while you are dreaming
no one is rocking you
and yet you sway

I was watching a Nat Geo special on hulu
and it cut out on me
it was about events in space
and how the earth is traveling
when to me
it seems to be still enough for me
to walk
and get my Tibetan singing bowls from the shelf
and strike them with a wooden mallet
going round and round
the sound amplifying
and swaying
in the tiny space of
a room with
the window cracked just enough
to let in
some evening coolness
moved into the night

a certain kind of fragile
a certain kind of strength
a special kind of memory
that does not look back

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