Monday, July 18, 2011

boxes & more boxes & nesting

Home Depot has a god deal on moving boxes
and they are being bought and used around here
so much "stuff" to prepare

we will be moving with the actual mover-guys
a week from today
I had to sit here for a number of minutes to try to figure
out what today is first
and then when we actually MOVE
oh wow
time is way past my grip
the other day I took a seven-hour nap
before sleeping seven more hours
things just caught up with me
and I let my exhausted self
and that is just the truth
the bigger truth
perhaps has a lot to do with sadness
and a myriad
of emotions
that have come to the forefront
at first...

open the floodgates
and let the river run, dear me,
watching and wrenching
sometimes hiding

I'll have an energy-burst
and fill up the Escape with let-go-ofs
whether donations-or-gifts-or-some other form
of good-bye
it was very enjoyable at first
then I became a bit numb
and went through motions
so the fun factor needs to be invited back
into the process

finding strength to
once again
a refuge
walls defining space
taking forever inspiration
from my beloved birds on wing
a nature's nest of a place
where you know it is all temporary in the cosmic realm
of an extremely simple reality

my friend Susan Taylor Glasgow created a Communal Nest
made entirely of Glass
it is lifesize to humans
and there is a chair in the center
as fragile as glass is it is also that strong
the nest travels the country
and the shipping of pieces and installation of glass branches
is an enormous task
she does it over and over again
and gives viewers the gift of contemplation

I want to make another branch for her Nest...
Bryan and I made one years ago by taking an actual
tree branch, whittling down to the lovely maple color
completely wrapping it with strands
of tiny clear glass seed beads
it took a long time to do that together
and that is a nesting memory of
time well-shared


  1. Moving is always and forever a proper pain in the A-S, I know I've packed and moved too many times. Am sending you armfuls of special hugs and helping inspirations to help you now, thru the move, and settling in. I truly believe the "reward" in the end with building the "nest" will give you the much needed strength that you will need to settle in. There will be new birds, new sounds, new landscapes and new neighbors and friends to make.
    Love You and sending you tons & tons of Love and Hugs!!

  2. Just to let you know that I am thinking of you today.
    Love You Hugs