Saturday, July 2, 2011

affirmed & closer

yesterday we reached our 29th anniversary mark
it was funny, because the reminder was that we were receiving
anniversary cards, that clued us in
time has warped, and I find myself enveloped in the moment
sometimes in excellent, paying attention mode
other times so intensely wrapped in bubbles of
concern that I cannot see the ground under my feet
remember the year when it is important to
and then use an extreme amount of focus
to climb back into today
from somewhere else...

so, almost 30 years being married
we had to laugh when it took a few moments to
realize the actual date
my attention has been on trying to find a new home
appointments that need to be made & kept
from haircuts to college visits
oh yeah, laundry
and then checking and checking to see how things are
going with the house
and Brandon is needing to find a new living scene as well

and we are close now
just heard a short time ago that the house we hope for
is now under contract with Gary's sister!
Things are moving along, a new place is closer
I wrote about what I was experiencing the other day
here in blogland
and it was zapped
perhaps it needed to be

I find it interesting that the name of the street
that we will move to is called Affirmed
named after a great horse-in-history I presume
with all kinds of other equestrian things going on
in the neighborhood
Affirmed is a good word
affirmations are significant statements
both internally and verbally

this morning I worked and my 96 1/2 year old gentleman
affirmed my value in kindly direct ways
thanking me for making his life more comfortable and fun
we have these talks that I enjoy and wish I could
record in some way!
I teased him a bit about that today:
"I ran to the kitchen to get a paper and pen so I
could capture a quote of yours and then
I was trying so hard to remember and then my own words
crept in and I lost it! I want to write a book
of 'Lee's Words of Wisdom... in the trenches of real life'
a real long life..."

I just now realized that I have been married longer than not married
29 years married / 57 years old
having time with Brandon and Bryan yesterday and this weekend
is very special
good to laugh and hope
just good to be together
whatever is going on

getting closer

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  1. Happy Anniversary!! Many wonderful years with a dear hubby and dear family.

    I love that the name of the street is "Affirmation" how incredible...
    Please do let me know the mailing address once it is "official" something here is itching to head your way. Love you hugs Big Sis