Sunday, June 19, 2011

putting more things in motion

I have an aversion to the phrase
"putting your affairs in order"
I am sure to have spouted my opinions on the topic
car loads of donations make me happy

Bryan and I went to Access Arts with some more
art things: an easel, box of wood pieces of all kinds,
a crazy-cool bunch of frames
and the staff was there thanking me
and asked if we would like to see where
my workbench with the power tools was placed
you bet we would
so we went to the building next door which is the workroom
there it was in a new home!
and I saw that it was already being used - the grin felt good

a set of wood cubes we brought
will live in the new Gallery with lovely pieces of pottery on them
for sale to raise funds for the great work of Access Arts...
some old shutters may become display units for lovely woven pieces...
they like to ask me what I had envisioned for the things I donate
apparently, my eyes tend "to sparkle" when I get on my roll

I can still hear the sound of the Dremel scroll saw
and the Delta belt sander
I can smell the wood shavings
and I will not miss cleaning up after using the tools!
I am so happy to hear that my huge paper cutter
is cutting paper all the time
not collecting dust

and so more things need to find their new purpose
as they pass from my hands to another's
it will be fun to see the new creations from
my tools
of the trade
it makes me want to sign up for more classes there for sure!


  1. Is Jenny one of the lovely Access Arts ladies you've met? She is a letterboxing friend and a real sweetheart. Tell her I said hi if you think of it! :)

  2. Dear Gloria,
    You will find your way, new discoveries will be made, you will enjoy new interests, new adventures, no matter what they will be you will be a part of it.
    Am so looking forward to hearing about the "new home" and hugs Jody