Wednesday, June 1, 2011

insight upside

it was a relief to work yesterday
my elderly gentleman client
who makes a point of enjoying the fact that he is
4 years away from 100
asked me to place the mountain of mulch
around the dozens and dozens of marigolds I planted
it was time consuming and my back paid a certain price
but it was good to be outside sweating with a shovel
and some time to think...

at the office I could share with my boss/friend(s)
and the support meant a lot
not wanting to be just a sad/cranky person I appreciated
being in company
my client called the marigold bed "mine" since I had taken the project
from idea to completion
I had the opportunity to observe his birdhouse and bird feeders
reflecting on the idea of home in nature...

last evening we were on the phones with a realtor employed
to help us find our way with this

we are seeing the move from the point of view of change
and came up with some new ideas
now we shall see if we can actualize them
ok, onward

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