Saturday, June 4, 2011

Art in the Park and Dorothy's frogs

this weekend is Art in the Park 2011
it seems like forever ago that I would get
to the point of being in my booth
surrounded by creations of my hands
shaking hands with people coming in
to look
many times to buy
to share a word or two
and to share a moment in time
a story with me

it was a lot of work to get to that point
it was a lot of work for us to set up and take down
Brandon remembers helping set up
Bryan was very little
I remember when Gary would take the kids
each day to come and see Mom
and how much I loved seeing their little faces
as they looked around and gathered in impressions
in their minds
I wondered how it affected them
in that moment and in their lives

my heart is always with the artists this weekend
and I wish I had unlimited funds to buy from
just to be part of that affirmation of their work
their visions
the art that becomes part of a new story as it
passes from creator to appreciator
to be used
to be admired
to be gifted to a friend
sailing away into another life

I see a huge swirl of activity
of hope
of eyes so tired from crunching until the final moment
there are the seasoned professionals
they have a certain presence
there are the newcomers
and oldcomers with new ideas
there are politics in play as well as sheer bliss
musicians play
and the children play
each year has a different flavor
like ice cream

this afternoon I am invited with other Home Instead CareGivers
to Ms. Dorothy's home
her daughter is wanting us to come and pick out a frog
or a sweatshirt from her vast collection
as a small token to remember her mama
that will be the first time all of us will be there
at her home together
and will be our last

I am sure we will share some funny stories
and walk away enriched by a kind and generous family
who really knows how to laugh
and live meaningfully

this morning I could have stayed in bed for the day it seemed
and so I got a much earlier start than planned
got some things accomplished
moved some stuff to the trash
set some things in motion

people and memories
people and memories
more people and more stories
more memories
and loving people
making sure they know it
again & always
all ways
once again


  1. Those participating in Art in the Park today will be VERY hot!!!!

  2. Yes they were; both days!

    The lady from Joplin and I had quite the conversation.