Thursday, July 7, 2011

holy (whatever)... when all is said and done

as I was writing Holy Moly Mackeroly over ten years ago now
I oftentimes thought of how satisfying it would be someday
if I could time it just right
to write it all out
to the marrow
strip every word and thought down to its essence
to find the simplest truth
know it because I live it
and then just say it

when all is said and done

what a privilege to have written a couple of books
that touched a few lives along the way
the first was a compilation of stories that I felt absolutely compelled
to get down on paper before turning 50
done deal
such long pages
so many words
any professional editor would have taken a chainsaw to it
and trimmed off half
at least
I didn't want that then

the second one
the words were tighter
and my hands did most of the talking

the dvd with Creative Catalyst
was like the rush of a wave
like a race against time
to get it all down
fill in the cracks of what came before
and then as soon as I returned
a blur......... and it is almost five years later

when all is said and done

my days and moments are tied into a woven dichotomy
that juxtaposition
of grateful to have the medical tools and physical strength
to live a 2nd life
or a 3rd or 100th depending on the definition
and seeing natural lives completing themselves

the beauty and agony of youth
cause my heart to beat and break me open
I watch
in wonder
in pain
in celebration
in acceptance
not in resignation
but in knowing

that when all is said and done

I love
I am


  1. The essence of life.

    I have been blessed beyond measure by your writing and the wonderful online community I became a part of because if it. The beat goes you back!

  2. That's the whole thing in a nutshell! Boiled down to it's bare essence. But that also doesn't mean that we haven't and wont continue to also enjoy all the many other words and thought along the way!!

  3. ok, then, I'll keep writing stories on the road!
    I see life that way... the friendships are so preciously vast and close-in at the same time. NOTE: I tell my kids that when I talk too much: just toss me a roll of duct tape and I'll get the message!