Thursday, July 14, 2011

spelling error & quick definition

last post:

strange to wake up and one of the 1st things to enter my mind:
I think I spelled a word incorrectly:
disfunctional / dysfunctional
as if it matters really
I was dissing the functionality

and when I called a certain aunt (who passed away many years ago)
in my husband's
ex---t---ended family
I should have embraced that word with quotation marks
and given credit to the person who called her that: her one & only child / son
it was not my call to make, whether she was crazy or whatever; I hardly knew her personally
I knew OF her mostly
a distinction (dystinction?) worth noting

it was stunning to me
there we were, a collection of people with varying degrees of connectedness
opened by the event of losing a dear person suddenly
and up walks a man I barely knew and he said:
"Gloria, my mother was crazy and she put things into my head
that were just not true. It took me a long time to realize what she did
to me
and to our family.
I regret not having spent time with Aunt Dorothy before she died.
There are a lot of waters under the bridge..."

I am his cousin-in-law let's say
he wanted to express many things to me
and being the "out-law" appeals to me

I mostly listened and cried
he needed to talk and I had plenty of room to accept that responsibility
that particular day...

I prefer the huge old dictionaries to online ones
the huge paper ones make you search for the word you want
and I always learn new words getting eventually to the one
I started looking for

hmmmm the difference between "dis-" and "dys-"
the Latin the Greek
blow the dust off the crazy humongous Webster
in the garage
when I take a break once I get moving on the moving...

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