Wednesday, July 6, 2011

homemade apple

it has been a very long day of long telephone calls
and visits to take care of details involved in
the "no hullaballoo" service
I can't imagine what a fullblown extravaganza would be like
to bring together
it sure can be complicated to keep things simple!

I am happy to help
there is never an especially "good" or "convenient" time to die
right now does seem like an especially good and convenient time to live

Bryan slept only two hours last night / restless like I was
he got up very early and went out for a walk
that became a run
and an adventure with nature
and his own inner being
he was listening to music and realized that the songs
he had been playing recently were actually quite sad
so he switched it up
and played a song by the group Plain White T's called Rhythm of Love
and it cranked up his mood to great heights

if I got the group name wrong oh well, but I think I got the song title...

he experienced the joy of defining life on his own terms
he looked in all four directions at one point
ran into the middle of an intersection with no cars anywhere to be seen
and jumped into the air and did a 360
he talked with little critters he met on his 6-plus mile walk/run
before most of the city was moving
and found a freedom and power that he delighted in recounting
for me and later Brandon and Gary
never tiring of repetition
because it was actually newer and deeper each time he told it

his first heartbreak has just happened
yet his heart is stronger than ever
because he decided to live forward

my children, my teachers

oh, and the reference to "homemade apple"...?
that is the name of the font I used for the script for "my 2nd life"

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  1. aging of Aquarius comes to mind, but maybe I am too tired to remember the right song, I love this post!!!