Thursday, November 3, 2011

clothes pins and little books

this will be my third attempt to respond to
the comments from my last post...
instead of using the "comment" feature
I will share here

thank you, Janet, for breathing in some Santa Fe air
on my behalf
and for having happy memories of us together
it has been a long time since breathing there myself

Doe, in the past several months, I have purchased
small books
two books each time, twice,
with the intention of making these for my sons
one with more words
the other with more art
now my desire reached your dream so I will get started

how could you know about clothes pins?
several months ago I bought a bag of tiny little
miniature clothes pins
I have this set of very large flat baskets
from China
I used one to cover up a strange wall feature (square panel for some reason)
and used one of the tiny clothes pins
to attach a lovely gingko leaves card from my mother

it looked very pretty and interesting
and when Brandon's sweetie, Mahdi, saw it
she loved the idea
and I just so happened to have another big basket
and gave her the rest of my bag of tiny clothes pins
so she could make a photo bulletin board of her own
at her apartment...

I had forgotten where I bought them,
kept looking around and found another bag
which I bought and last week added more cards
from friends

so small handmade books (though not for sale!) and clothes pins
shall we?

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