Thursday, November 3, 2011

4:13 a.m.

several nights ago, I woke up and felt
a bit disoriented
looked squarely at the clock
4:13 a.m.
and figured that I had more time to sleep
before going to work
and wondered why there was more light
coming though the door than usual

got up
saw Bryan's room light on
his bathroom light on
and my art-room-to-be
had the light on and door closed

I tiptoed into Bryan's room
thinking I might find him asleep with a book in his hands
but he wasn't in his bed


quiet knock on the bathroom door

thought I heard some very soft music,
but I was 3/4's asleep
opened the art room door

and there he was: dancing!
at 4:13 in the morning!

"I love dancing, Mom, and need to practice these moves
for the play... do you want to dance?"...

of course I want to dance with my son in the middle of the night
in the middle of a small room
with little floor space
and big imaginations
on both our parts!

dancing has not been a feature presentation in our marriage
that's okay, I like my toes for walking,
yet it has been somewhat of a missing piece
for me until the other night

Ginger Rogers (sp?) I am not
Fred Astaire would have applauded Bryan

my Einstein hair aside
I grabbed a fluffy short turquoise robe
he turned the music up a bit
and we danced!

"I could have danced all night,
I could have danced all night,
and still have begged for more...
I could have spread my wings and done a thousand things
I've never done before..."
"My Fair Lady" I know
we were doing "White Christmas"
it all blended together

the next day Gary did wonder about the noise upstairs
and we explained
the day after that, I had the inspiration
to try to reach his choreographer, Mrs. Steinhaus,
at his high school...
we have yet to meet,
and she just happened to be there when I called
and available, close to miraculous,
so I was able to:

1) apologize for calling Bryan on his cell phone
and interrupting practice (I thought they were finished)
She was very sweet about that
2) thank her so much for giving Bryan the opportunity
to be a dancer even though he has no experience whatsoever
3) share with her the story of dancing at 4:13 a.m....

she said so many wonderful things about Bryan
and said that the call "made my day"
which in turn, made mine

the day after that, Bryan's girlfriend, Olivia,
who has one of the two female leads,
laughed when I shared the whole story with her
she asked what time I had called the drama teacher
and it was just before Olivia had a class with her
Olivia said Mrs. Steinhaus was smiling
and exceptionally nice... ah ha, my phone call
had that nice ripple effect we love so much...


  1. A very beautiful story, thank you so much for sharing.
    Hugs & Hugs

  2. What a magical magical story and what a wonderful memory to hold forever!!

  3. 4:13 dancing, you wild child. Crazy stuff! I love it. I am going to bed so I can get up and dance...