Thursday, November 10, 2011

on the radio

this morning
Bryan told me:
"Mom, at 7:20, Olivia and some of the cast members
are going to be on the radio
so we rushed around and got into the car
by 7:19
and sure enough!

it was so wonderful to hear Olivia's
and the voices of my son's good friends
as they shared a little about the musical
coming up next week, hard to believe
they are working so hard

dress rehearsals now
and all the tech things are being pulled together

on the radio
they sang a bit of White Christmas
and my eyes all glittery glistening
and seeing my son's happy gentle face

as he got out of the car
he said he was going to ask his 1st hour teacher
wonderful man
if the class could then listen to KPLA
at 7:45
since the team-of-four
Olivia, Maddie, Mason and Logan
would drive over to the other station
and share and sing there
letting the town know the show is coming

I got home, got on the computer found out where
to get KPLA on the dial
great radio girl I am not
then listened live
but decided to race out to the car radio
just to make sure
I sat there in the cold car
and cried warm tears listening to the beautiful
young voices
singing a lovely old song
memories gliding on the blades
of ice skates
slicing whooshing cutting through roughness
hands warm in a white rabbit fur muff and collar
the ones that made me feel like a winter princess

my own White Christmas feelings long ago

KFRU KPLA in the morning


  1. Oh Gloria-when I was a little girl I had a white rabbit fur muff. I absolutely adored it!! We could have been twins together!!

  2. White Christmas stories are the best, we here in the Southern part of New Mexico would like the white stuff to just last a day or so :-), the sun would take care of the rest