Thursday, November 3, 2011


a couple of weeks ago
Brandon told me that he and Mahdi
bought a couple of big pumpkins
and they carved them, making great looking
jack o'lanterns

it was funny for me to see photos of their
experience on Bryan's FaceBook page
with all the goop and mess involved, smiling through it
when he was little he hated cleaning out
the inside of the pumpkins - total yuck to the max!
but when you grow up and you want your traditions
established at your own house,
goop goes with the deal: bring it on

when Bryan and Olivia eat over at our house,
we are developing traditions of our own here
like candles, flowers, simple but special table treatments
that they have come to enjoy
(me, too!)

I love watching Brandon and Bryan develop traditions
some they have learned from us
some they have learned in other ways, books, movies...
some they make up on their own...

what a privilege to see them bloom
hands in the goop
holding hands
exploring the past in new ways
creating their lives as men
with warmth, and heart, humor and intention...

we will share Thanksgiving
that is an American tradition I love
this new home will be a good Thanksgiving
destination for them

after chemo yesterday,
I am pretty tired right now.
these happy thoughts wanted to be written
before a rest

love from me
happy dreams, afternoon and anytime

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  1. Lovely post Gloria!! i hope to see you soon! Rest well!