Thursday, November 17, 2011

tonight tonight: White Christmas!

blue skies smilin' at me
nothin' but blue skies do I see...

well, tonight is the big showtime night
"White Christmas" will be performed
at Hickman High School 7:30 pm
the first of three night performances
and Bryan's first theater experience ever

they are all exhausted
practicing until 10:30 pm
with all their homework and tests and everything else
they have going on
and all the experienced cast go through this every time and it just is what it is
this past week leading up
to delivering their best

Bryan was complimented many times for his attitude
and creative input as well as steady hard work
the other day the cast put on two short performances
for the student body (over 2,000 students)
and people came up to Bryan afterwards and commented
that he was the only dancer who smiled the entire time (the goal
for his part)
and he just smiled back and said he was just having such
a fun time!

I can't wait to see him and Olivia
the other morning there was another radio performance
advertising the upcoming production
this time on an FM station
Bryan found an ancient cassette tape recorder
and asked me if I would please tape
Olivia and the trio she was part of: of course!
we changed out big batteries
I figured out which station it was
and before work
went out to the car radio and taped their song
it was so well done I sat there in the cold car
crying and hoping the old tape recorder worked
it did /sort of
but I have to find my digitial tape recorder in the mountain
of yet to be opened boxes... another story another day

my boy in a tuxedo with a flashy vest on!
dancing with three other guys
innovative moves he created, adding to the choreography
I will attend all three performances
tomorrow night Gary and his Mom will come, too
Saturday night, Brandon and Mahdi will join me
and we will shower Olivia with flowers and I will slip Bryan
a gift for his wallet... have FUN!

this is a new life experience for all of us
and I am grateful to Bryan for his courage and enthusiasm
to jump into something completely new
and give it his best
a lovely life lesson for anyone
at any age

this morning was so frosty
tonight it will be an early white christmas


  1. Tell Bryan I said to "break a leg"!

  2. What fun for the whole family to have "Stars Shining" on them. I agree with Janet tell Bryan to "break a leg"!!

  3. cheers to the star and his cheerleader. I love it! Thanks for sharing