Friday, October 28, 2011

the light of day

yesterday is past
today I can handle the light of day
I have a passion for the Science Channel shows
about the Universe
I understand about 1% of what is said
and pretty much forget 100% of that
and refuse to give the lame chemo brain excuse on that one

still, I love being blown away by the facts of science
the enormity of creation
the enjoyment absolutely enhanced by a wider flatter screen
and excellent custom (thank you, Gary) sound system
for the past less-than-a-year

I sit up very straight when I hear the size of things
the vastness
the exactness
the randomness
the beautiessness and I refuse to correct that word despite
the red squiggly line underneath

so, today, after being cloistered for a day
unable to handle noise or light or daily life
I head out into the light of day
a little lighter myself
remembering how I used to sing
every morning for my boys
every morning
in the light of day

here I come, sun
face to face, you and me


  1. Hi Gloria!! Just got back from visiting my cousin in Santa Fe--I thought of you often while I was there, my friend--of good times shared. Hope we can get together soon! Love you!!

  2. Just went back and reread a couple of posts I missed while I was away. So happy for you and Brandon that the letter came! Big hugs to all of you!

  3. I think it does us well when we all look at the big picture :-)
    I had this great dream last night beginning with finding small books you had created and were selling.. very cool. The covers were made of various materials (clothes pins) and were white with accordian pages inside. This set the stage for the rest of the dream with other creative ideas and teaching.. had to write it all down. So clear. But had to share with you! Creative Inspiration... thanks :-)

  4. yes, I have found the way to post here... actually, I decided to write a post, longer, instead.