Friday, May 6, 2011

whiskers on kittens & the Knights of Ni

this morning Bryan and I were going to school
and as my experience so often is
I cannot remember how something started
I just remember parts of things
that may not be such a bad thing
selective memory
selective braindeadedness
sometimes I just laugh from a liberated feeling because it is actually
very funny to me when I literally forget so much!
at other times I get a little freaked out or upset
because how on earth could I ever forget
compared to my old normal way

well, here is what I remember about this morning:

all of a sudden we are singing Julie Andrew's tune from
The Sound of Music, My Favorite Things
Bryan knew more of the words than I figured he would!
and I knew them all, yes, I could actually remember!
I bragged that I was sure I could do a sing along with
Julie in that movie as well as Mary Poppins

then we switched channels midstream and started talking about
Monty Python and The Holy Grail
Bryan is hysterical when he does these English accents
and recalls word for word whole sections of the movie
I love to laugh
oh that was a great song in Mary Poppins
and we talked about the genius of comedy
and he wants a whole new creative energy to come out of Hollywood
go for it Bryan

talking about shoestring budgets
when they could not afford real horses in Holy Grail
and so they bought coconuts to clatter

Paul, thank you for sending us the movie several Christmases ago
Gary, thanks for my anniversary issue of Sound of Music
VHS may need to be upgraded at some point!

years and years of morning rides, many times with a chosen quietness
other times we talk about what is coming in the day
perhaps a test, a dream from the night before...

there were years we walked to school together,
Brandon the little man next to me side by side
Bryan the little baby with his pacifiers
me, with a song everyday,
made up
they remember
so do I
long long ago
those memories
and refreshing
as Spring


  1. Tell Bryan that we must plan to get together so we can do the whole movie for you. And together we will cut down the mightiest tree in the forest ... wiiiiiith .. A HERRING! (*dramatic music*)

  2. Gloria,
    Jose and I adopted two rabbits last year, and at first Jose didn't want to get a white rabbit because of the rabbit in the cave in the Monty Python movie. I guess he thought the bunny would attack like that one did. "Look at all the bones!" :o)


  3. the famous white bunny!
    so many funny twists and turns of hilarity!
    and Paul, I know it would be the performance of the century to have the two of you together - that would definitely require a camera...
    you should see Bryan's professional microphone - he ordered it from NYC and the sound quality is tops...