Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Carolina on my mind

Brandon is sleeping in Charlotte, NC tonight and will be
heading to Dulles early in the morning
his flight today was interrupted by a cancellation due to weather
and I am very happy for a safety decision
followed up by taking care of the passengers with a good meal
and a nice place to rest this evening

this kind of day is frustrating for him, he wants to be over the Atlantic
and will be tomorrow...

travel opens so many doors of learning
partience, problem solving, communicating with people directly,
face to face
a balance between trust and caution
survival skills

Brandon joked last week about the movie Castaway
and I tried to change the channel of that scenario in my head
while he bantered with Bryan
the thought of my son talking with a soccer ball named Wilson
freaks me out!

today was a long day for me as we got up at 4:00 am
seeing him off a little after 5:00
I did "the wave"
a family tradition of waving until we can no longer see the vehicle
our loved one is driving away in...

I was glad to be working today, it caused me to focus on others
and that is a good thing
in the afternoon at the office, I was asked to do two projects that
involved extremely repetitive paper cutting
now, I am good at that sort of thing, having done that for years
when making thousands of handmade cards, etc.
at one point I realized that my eyes were crossing
and then dozed with my head up
and thank the gods,
a weak paper cutter
that couldn't and didn't take my finger(s) off

cold water to my face
hearing from Brandon later helped more
and I am getting more used to the idea
that my children
grow up
every day
and I do too
every day

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  1. Carolina is on my mind these days too...I have a tiny little grandbaby in Charlotte and I'm longing for him more than I even imagined...almost as much as I long for the old days with his dad. :)