Friday, May 13, 2011

KC - Dulles - Vienna - Sarajevo...OMG!

Brandon and Bryan have their shared Birthday on Monday the 16th.
Brandon will be 21 and Bryan 17.
We are experiencing their special day over many days it seems.
on the day after, the 17th,
Brandon will be picked up at 5:00 am and head to Kansas City
to catch a flight that begins his first international trip ever!
I am excited for him, scared a little, mostly focusing on the journey ahead
and how to prepare for it.
The bank today helped out with advice and he bought his traveler's checks...
just looking a them brought back floods of memories
from the time I took my first trip...

his sweet girlfriend is from Sarajevo, Bosnia and she is there now
after finishing up her exams...they were not able to get tickets together so
they will meet there.
Mahdi's Mom sent me a message:
she will take care of Brandon as if he were her own son.
I know she will.
Brandon and Mahdi came over last Saturday, my personally declared official Mother's day
and she brought a beautiful bouquet of flowers for me
it was her idea and her gift.
I got all teary and gave her a hug.
Brandon was all smiles and explained that he had predicted
EXACTLY what I would do and I did it perfectly!
it was a special day.
I cannot remember if I blogged about it or not
some of these days are a blur...

please keep safe travel thoughts in heart and mind for him
he will be there for about a month and then comes back for a packed
summer of teaching tennis
I am proud of his effort in school - he finished exams and now
looks upon his senior year at the University.
his plan is to continue on and I know he has the willpower
to continue
he has worked hard at his job as well and has managed money well
and is able to take this trip now

I can sense his excitement and nervousness and there are times when we look
at each other, smile and do not have to say a word
last night he called late and asked if he could sleep at our house
of course, anytime
I set up a "creative bed" for him in his "old room"/the new computer/filming room
his roommates were having a party and he wasn't interested
in the noise, "beverages" etc.
I knew he was exhausted after his last exams yesterday

I knocked on the door gently
asked if he might like a backrub... ok
without a spoken word, a quiet space remembering so many times in our lives together...
we had gone out for pizza at the mall early in the evening
a total flashback to his childhood when we did that at the end
of the school year
a chance to talk once again...

as I was sitting on the floor, rubbing his fuzzy head,
this man was there
where there used to be a little boy
then a quiet man's voice said:
thanks for doing this, Mom. it was worth coming all the way
across town for this backrub.
you are so welcome.
I love you, Brandon.
love you, too, Mom...
good night
great flight, my son


  1. What a lovely story Gloria! Safe trip to Brandon! What an exciting adventure!!

  2. This was such an elegant way of saying what I find myself thinking about often...the transition of a boy, my boy, into a man. When I was with Brad and his new baby last month, I was stupefied to think that this man, now holding his own son, was once my baby.

    Stupefied? See, I told you your words were more elegant! :)

  3. ...and Grace... to think that you, holding that tiny little darling baby, are now a grandmother... there are not words elegant enough.

  4. Teary-eyed now. Happy tears. Love you!