Monday, September 17, 2012

such a wonderful wonderful time

being together with people you love
how wonderful!

eight friends in Kansas
that state will never be the same!

from Thursday through Monday
we made stories continuously
there were times we laughed so hard
it hurt and I lost my voice
by the time I was on the shuttle back to home!

can you believe that we actually drove around in
a funeral car????????
yes, indeed we did
Pam works in the Lincoln Funeral Home
and her boss Bill gave her the keys
to use this humongous Cadillac
that has six doors, seats eight
and feels like a boat on the road

we toured around in that limo and did we ever
get looks and laughs!

in one small town we were treated by Stephanie
to one of the craziest half-hours I have ever spent:
renting and tootling around town in two
rented "limos" that were like surreys with the fringe on top
and had bicycling pedals for four people each!
of course the eight of us pedaling around
on the brick streets of the town drew quite a few waves
and plenty of smiles
and my legs got a good workout
especially when our "limo" decided to try to pass
the other in front - the "movie" of that scene
is hysterical...

it was great to be part of the art show
the gallery was so well done
with all 40 pieces together
it was interesting to meet some of the artists
and to watch the 125 or so people looking at
and responding to the artwork

from being in Pam's home
are amazing!
to getting eggs at the local lumber yard/hardware store
from going to these incredible places like The Red Barn Art Studio
and The Garden of Eden in Lucas, KS
to the Goodwill in Salina
antique malls and other flea market type places
to eating Swedish pancakes one meal
and Mexican another
the fun went on and on

when you get to be together for a number of days
there are plenty of opportunities to share
on deeper levels
and we did that
when you have all these techno gizzmos and can
look at photos from years ago - like Wendy and Dorothy as Beauty Queens!
you can laugh so hard it really does hurt and feels good
and then Melody records our laughing and so we
laugh even more!

Marion's home has a view that blew us away
I got to sit next to Sue in the big limo
and that was a treat for me
Barb picked me up at the airport in Kansas City
and we went home that way, too
watching her and Pam in the kitchen every morning
making us all such a lovely breakfast
the stories go on and on...

I had the physical energy to jump into most things
the other day I did sleep for 16 hours straight
and had very happy dreams!

ok, work time
just had to begin the stories of such a wonderful wonderful
and coming home was sweet
a sweet note from the guys greeted me
and I found presents for
my boys' girlfriends
and that was fun, too

more to come


  1. so glad you had a good time!
    Gloria-could you take the crazy id thing off of your comments? This will be the fourth time I have tried to enter those stupid letters and numbers that you can't see or read--just go to blogger comments and you will see how to change it.

  2. Hey Gloria...
    I thought I heard blissful laughter all the way here in OH. It sure sounds as if a good time was had by all...and I hope there will be pix to share. So happy you had a great time!

  3. So happy to hear you where able to attend. Would have loved to have been there.

  4. Dear Gloria, am tickled for you that you had such a grand time in such "grand style"...wooohoo
    We were all there with you in "spirit"...hugs

  5. Gloria,

    So glad you created a piece of art AND decided to go to the show. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with some wonderful ladies!