Saturday, August 25, 2012

muchas gracias (sp?)

I do not have my Spanish translator guys here
with me this evening

thanks so much for all the encouraging input
it is fun to read

this nest piece is really strong
it is wired together and there is a lot
of hot glue holding it together

the angle of the photo does not give the exact
dimensional feel
when I get to Lincoln, I'll take a few more photos
it is always interesting to see how a gallery
displays all the pieces to make a show
that is an art in itself

when I was wrapping and wrapping the yarn on each
stick... it was representative to me of making stories
in life with others
spinning our yarns, I guess
every idea I had to start with
ended up not working out and so it was a constant
process of continuously changing gears
tweaking and liking the next idea better than the original

I am very anxious to see everyone
and to laugh and share
to see our artwork together is always fun, too

today is a special day for Bryan and his girlfriend, Olivia
it is their one-year dating anniversary
and they are doing it up in style
two romantics they are

they are out to dinner now
and I am going to get a few things together
for their return here
for Bryan's surprise for her
he rearranged the family room in the basement
into a wonderful bistro in the stars
with twinkly lights
and memory lane touches

the single rose, white candle
photo collages
on and on

time to wash a few dishes
to get ready for the fresh strawberry shortcake deluxe

thank you again for so much loving lovely support


  1. When you get to Lincoln, give every one my love. I miss the comradery so much.

  2. Enjoy your time in Lincoln, take lots of photo's to share, ah what a romantic Bryan is, Hugs