Saturday, June 9, 2012

Croatia, Sri Lanka & New Zealand

I am fascinated by connections
three more countries
in the last week it seems
how does that happen and:

what are the stories they are living?

I had this idea when I was a teenager that I wanted
to write a series of books for children
they would be photography and personal story based

the cover of each book would be a child in a
different country
on the "front porch" of their home

the idea of the books was to be a "visit"
with your neighbor in the world
so different
so much the same

a day in the life
type story
and at the end of each book
it would be the child tucked into their bed
or hammock
or grass mat
or down quilt

the place of dreams
the infinite places called home
the world around
with the strange and intriguing languages
the smell of foods exotic
clothes I never saw
stepping out the doorway
forever changed

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