Wednesday, June 6, 2012

10 countries

blogger has new formatting and I was fiddling around with things
and came across something that blew my mind:

it has been traced that my blog: my 2nd life, has been viewed by people in

after the US with close to 10,000 views,
111 views from Australia
52 in the Philippines
47 in Russia, 44 India, 41 Germany, 26 Canada, 20 Netherlands,
United Kingdom 16 and Denmark 6

that was so moving to me
I literally felt touched to my core

made me also a bit on the "nervousy" side
am I really saying anything?

were the views accidental, just milling around the tech universe
bumping into my world? a collision registered with a number?

no matter: what a remarkable phenomenon in any case

even as one human being is fumbling around trying to make sense
out of moments and days and time & life itself
the struggles, the celebrations, the victories, pains,
the vast unknown and in gorgeous precious tiny moments
the absolutely pure beauty
of connection
manifests... aha!

and the most joyful noise of all:
the words:
I love you
in every language all over the map

it is all that matters


  1. I M NOT Having a good day at all. Most of the time I can manage. I read your posts knowing that your life is harder then mine. But then.... something happens here and I am near the breaking point.
    I wish your boys the best. I hope gary can work through the latest set back. And you I wish you love and health and strength. God Bless.

    1. I hope that whatever you were facing the other day has resolved. My life & your life have challenges, and for me, sharing the process with people who care makes all the difference in the world. So, thank you for being one of those people in my life and I hope I can be that for you...