Wednesday, February 29, 2012


today is leap year day
so on the last day of February had to mention
a Valentine scene or two

Bryan was determined to get these incredible
chocolate covered strawberries for his girlfriend
we went downtown on a cold day, the 13th,
and The Candy Factory was an impressive sight!

it is magical in a Harry Potter sort of way as Bryan sees it
so many details come to mind...

I felt privileged to see the sweet things they did for each other
a lot of heart and meaning surrounding everything

on the 25th, they celebrated their 6-month anniversay
of dating

and they decided to go to Olive Garden with a gift card
they received from us at Christmas time
Bryan gave her a lovely charm bracelet made by one of his
best friend's Dad who is a jeweler here in Columbia
a specially engraved heart with the words:

"All Ways and Always"

he has always liked it when I used those words and asked me
if it was alright if he adopted them: Wonderful!

while they were eating their dinner
a teenager was with her parents eating across the way from their table
as she was leaving, she presented a paper to Bryan and Olivia
with a little cartoon she had drawn of them together
Japanese anime style which Bryan loves
she told them that they looked so cute together she just had to draw them!

that cartoon has been posted on Olivia's facebook page: so sweet!

that moved me so much that a young girl would take the time
to notice Bryan and Olivia, draw them, and give it to them personally
it says so much about all of them - and the girl's Mom was part of it, too!

on my desk in my office at work I stamped the saying:
"Live the Life you have Imagined."....

tonight is the big dress rehearsal for Grease that parents can attend
we are allowed to take photos tonight, not during the next three nights
of actual public performances
I can't decide if I want to got with Gary for this or not
part of me does
part of me wants to wait for the actual first performance tomorrow night

I have tickets for all three nights
and will attend with different people each night
what a fun time in his life!
what a fun time for all of us!

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