Wednesday, March 7, 2012


what an amazing blast of a time - three nights
after weeks and weeks and hours and hours of practice
for the incredibly talented cast and crew

I saw the performance four nights in a row
the first time with Gary (Wednesday night final dress rehearsal)
as parents were able to go and take photos
so few came and so our applause and laughter really mattered
so of course I obliged

then on the opening night I went alone with hundreds of folks
and then the atmosphere was

watching Bryan dancing was just beyond words
he was smiling constantly and it was contagious!
his dance partner Nora was just perfect...
Olivia was fabulous a Rizzo, and her songs were absolute high points
huge applause every time
every night
so much to say about each and every player on stage
it was like watching a professional traveling troupe
Gary made that point after he saw the performance on Friday evening

Friday was with Gary and his mom and my friend Carla and her son Cameron
Saturday I went with Brandon and his girlfriend Mahdi
and behind us Bryan's teacher from middle school now a family friend forever
and her sister and children from out of town...
the theatre was PACKED with the biggest attendance
in over ten years - YES!

the standing ovations were like explosions of energy
and we felt like we were dancing with the stars

the friendships, traditions of the musical theatre life,
all of it was just an experience of a lifetime for Bryan and for me, too
it was hard for it to end,
although that level of craziness with long late practices can
only last so long and then there is school and regular life
yet we still find ourselves humming and beebopping
and holding on

at one point during the cast party they gathered in a circle
arms around each other, singing "piano man"
and crying their eyes out together
how great is that?
for the many seniors, their last time together
memories woven together, melted together
tears and laughter shared
they are free to feel and show it
Bryan expressed to his friend Mason Scott (played Danny)
how grateful he was for Mason's support...
endless stories...

now Bryan is singing all over the place to prepare for an audition
he has been asked to participate in for the musical RENT
there will be a student director and this will be in-house
for the musical theater class
I will not be able to see it
but that's ok
Bryan has found something very special in this world he has
discovered with his fine arts friends

on Saturday evening I had the immense honor of "accidentally"
sitting next to the mom of the brilliant Teacher/Director/Choreographer
of Grease
what a wonderful treat for my heart...

Ms. Robin Steinhaus will always have a special place in our hearts and lives
she is an amazing talent who knows how to bring out the brilliant shine
in young people
standing ovation for her
for my son in his jeans and black Converse All Star high tops
his prom suit and leather jacket
his orange hair and smile that wouldn't quit
for Olivia and her beauty & style, her command of the stage, her presence
and heart
an ovation for all the behind the scenes work, the musicians, the band leader,
Lindsey's beautiful job as Sandy
and on and on with each character so perfectly portrayed

on Saturday afternoon I got to meet Jessie who played "Frenchy"
and it felt like I was meeting a movie star! how fun

when Bryan ran to Brandon after the final performance and they
did their crazy hug and flying in the air flailing around routine
I laughed and held onto that moment


  1. Awesome! We've been eagerly awaiting the details. And the crazy hug at the end -- perfect! Congratulations, Bryan! Today, Columbia, tomorrow, Broadway!

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