Thursday, January 26, 2012

last Saturday

five days ago already
we have been preparing for months
Bryan participated in Scholarship Day at Columbia College
here in our city
what an incredible day it was

there are 10 scholarships being offered
five are for full tuition room & board and are worth almost $100,000 for four years
five are for full tuition and those are valued at $72,000 over four years
Columbia College is a wonderful small liberal arts college
when I was 45 years old I took an art class (printmaking) there and had a great time

Brandon was destined to become a "Mizzou man"
the university suits him really well and this Spring he will be getting
his Bachelor's in Health Sciences degree
Bryan's approach to his next level of school is different
they both wanted to be in Columbia and that was fine with me
I never wanted them to feel tied to staying here
for any reason
and wanted them to pursue their dreams in the way
they individually chose to do it...

Bryan and I visited both schools and had tours, etc.
his grades and test scores were sent to both
the heart of his experience was a beauty to behold
there he was wearing a full formal black suit for the first time
all sharp and confident from head to toe
there were heart-poundings once we were on campus
but those went away once the conversation in his interview flowed well
laughter and good stories shared help so much

the questions he was asked were meaningful and his answers straight from his heart to theirs
he had an hour to write an essay based on two questions
and I know his writing is very special
as a parent I went through a nice program learning about the college
and was very impressed
with this community of learning
catered breakfast and lunch were a touch of class
and it was so wonderful to see Bryan beaming as he walked back with
the other students to join their parents

all together there will be approximately 50 students competing for the 10 scholarships

the experience up until now has been such a growing one for us
the two letters of recommendation that Bryan received added so much to what he brought personally
to the table
there are three Scholarship Days total, one more to be held in February
and then the winners will be notified the first week of March

one day at a time
one step at a time
and as Bryan quoted a Chinese Proverb in his essay:

"A thousand mile journey begins with one step."

we shall see where this particular journey leads him and us as a family.
whatever happens at Columbia College we will learn from it and go from there
hope is a power-filled word
I hope for Bryan
I hope for Brandon
I hope that all together we give much
     laugh lots
     grow strong
     and most especially lovestrong


  1. Oh Gloria!! Fingers and toes all crossed for Bryan!!!!

  2. What a beautiful story, I am with Janet "fingers and toes crossed for Bryan!