Wednesday, January 4, 2012

it really was an eagle

a couple of weeks ago I stayed at work
about a 1/2 hour later than I needed to
just to talk with friends
in the middle of all the holiday stuff-goings-on

when I was close to our house
about to signal to take a turn
I glanced into the sky as a large shadow appeared overhead
and I absolutely was shocked to see a magnificent

bald eagle swooping in front of my car
the powerful white feathered head
incredible wingspan of brown feathers
the details of the white tail feathers and the golden beak
it was right there in front of me

I didn't know if I was really seeing what I was seeing
until having slowed way down
I glanced at the car behind me in the rear view mirror
making sure I was not going to cause an accident and then
noticed the other driver was animatedly expressing his wonderment
at what we had both just witnessed
yes, it really was an eagle

and 30 seconds, even 5 seconds either way
and I would have missed that moment...

my soon-to-be-97-year-old client
has an amazing collection of books on the topic of Birds
birds of America, Missouri, Birds as the subjects of paintings
and when I told him of my experience
we researched and found that yes there are bald eagles in Missouri
very precious and rare
at one time there were none at all
and then they were reintroduced and there are perhaps about 50-pairs
in the state

the experience lifted my spirits

I did get the heart stress tests done
results are good tests were crazy and I decided
to reevaluate all the meds I am taking and with my doctor's help
took two off my agenda
it has been a bit of a rough ride
a lot like going through withdrawal so I have heard
and even though I did it slowly
it still hit me rather hard
the last few nights I have been able to sleep
without the cold sweats hot flashes jitters and shakes
and oppressive exhaustion that rattled me

the pain that I am dealing with is being handled by the meds
I continue to take
I think it is good to take assessment time
and make new starts and stops

today was chemo day

there is a connection with eagles
but I am too tired at the moment to write about it

I do want to say that my heart soared at Christmas time
being with my family
how lovely to have my sons' girlfriends here with us
the meaning-filled gifts we all shared with each other
made me laugh and cry
and sigh with warm gratitude


  1. What a special experience to see that bald eagle Gloria!!--he meant to show himself to you!!

  2. Gloria,

    What a treat, and I agree with Janet. That eagle was meant for you - as was the other driver, so you could verify that you weren't seeing things. :)

    Some years ago I went out to see my aunt and borrow some old family photos from her. She was very close to my beloved grandmother, who had passed away a year or two before that, but I was just getting to know this aunt better. We were getting ready to head out on a drive, and while I was waiting for my aunt to come out to the car I saw a HUGE owl in a tree above me, maybe 10 feet away. It looked right at me, took flight, and flew right overhead. I said "Grandma" aloud in wonderment, because my grandma loved owls. It was the animal we all associated with her. Seeing that owl in the middle of the day, while visiting my aunt, I couldn't help but think it was my grandmother looking in on us. :o)

    I'm so glad you enjoyed the holidays, dear friend. I'm sending lots of love your way...

  3. an owl for you, Melody... there is such a profound connection between the spiritual and the natural worlds

    happiest new year to all

  4. To see and enjoy a "bald eagle" is unique experience that a few people get to enjoy. I am thrilled for you that you and another driver got to share in the experience.

    When I lived in WA state I was able to enjoy many a "pair" of them nesting in trees. Here in NM we've maybe experienced one or two by the Rio Grande River.

    With talk of "owls" I might add a story to, we went for a drive ontime here in NM & stopped by a tree then pulled forward, low and behold a "huge screech owl" swooped down in front of our van, I was speechless (along with Terry and a friend) as to the size of this huge bird. We were able to watch it land in another tree, and observe it and take photo's.

    Now where we live we have an "owl party" with about 5 owls on the average at least 3-6 times in a month. They perch in the few trees we have in our mobile home park.

    We are all blessed to have "birds of all kinds" in our lives. What fun to share our "bird stories".

    Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!!
    Hugs Jody

  5. Gloria, I love your bald eagle story. I've been thinking of bald eagles for the past few days. Ian, my grandson, turns 4 tomorrow. I saw my bald eagle on the way to visit him when he was only hours old. When his mother went into labor, I received the call and intended to drive with care and speed to attend his birth. However, an unusual January tornado warning was in effect and I decided to wait until the weather calmed before setting out. A half an hour into my drive, the call came that Ian had arrived. My trip that day began in the dark in heavy rains. I drove through snow and sleet and as the sun broke through, I saw a bald eagle high in front of me. I watched for a long time, not believing I had really seen an eagle on the day of Ian's birth. I'm not sure what significance it has, but I am still awed at the memory.

    Happy New Year. Leandra

  6. My Dear Gloria - From the moment I first met you, I've always known you were an amazing woman <3 I am so touched to see that you have been walking the walk and delving deeply into your healing process on this gauntlet of a journey !! Your strength and grace has been humbling..... Eagle is a very, very powerful sign 'to say the least' ~ awesome ~ I am so very proud of you, my dear, for continuing to fight the fight & claim your life back 'you are quite the inspiration' to us all :-) Many blessings to you in 2012 <3 Aloha, Tammy