Wednesday, September 28, 2011

today is ... today

I was going to title this post
as being the second day of chemo
when I realized that I do not like
chronicling life
all ways
in reference that way
surrounded by
so much related to


so today is simply


and it started out by Bryan
driving us to school for the first time
and he did a great job of it
it caught me by surprise that he asked
since we needed to leave early
for him to make up a test he missed
and I didn't exactly get dressed
for the occasion
you see, you have to get into the driveway
at school, pull over, we both get out
of the car
he waves goodbye
I get into the driver's seat
and there is a brief moment
when parents and teachers and students
all "see each other" so to speak
and knowing this
I would usually have at least brushed my hair
how nice to have it still
put on earrings as if that really matters to anyone
and not worn the wrinkly linen pants
that I fell asleep in

well, I looked lovely for Bryan's debut drive
and so today is today
and now is now
looking at the beautiful autumn flowers
that Gary bought for me
from "All of Us" "We Love You - Gary, Brandon and Bryan"
"(Check the Fridge!)"
last Thursday
when it was the first day...
no, on second thought
when that day was another


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  1. Love you bunches and bunches, we are now in St. Roberts, Missouri and there is an army base, didn't know that till we got the map of Missouri. Little did we know this place is a hopin with new business's because of the increase in population.

    Sending you the gentleist of hugs, Love you , Jody & Terry