Friday, September 2, 2011


for the past couple of weeks I have dealt with
a strange face event - strange phrase for it
not sure if it was/is shingles or hives or what
but these lines
have been obvious and itchy and sore and annoying...
on Wednesday my day off
went to the doctor and have
a new horse pill as Bryan calls it
and cream
and weathered
Back to School Night
with a kind son
much better today
it affected me
mentally as well as physically
need some time away from it to look at it

Bryan and I danced to Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York"
the other night
what a fun treat
surround sound hooked up
and memories of Yew Nork being Bryan's take on where he
and Brandon came from...


  1. Hope the itching and soreness go away! I went through a period in my life when I had hives as big as dinner plates that would appear and disappear. They itched like crazy!!!

  2. dinner plates!!! I have nothing compared to that. who knows... nice when it evaporates...
    hope your eyes are healing.

  3. Had poison ivy once - actually twice- that was on my face, eyes.. not a pretty sight. I actually woke up and able to see my face. Timing was good though.. near Halloween :-)
    Are you sure it wasn't poison ivy??
    sending you some loving thoughts..

  4. no poison ivy, had that one time so bad ended up in a hospital, ouch.
    this responded to antiviral meds and ointment and lots of sleep.
    the things we all go through!!! it helps when we can laugh about most of it eventually...