Tuesday, April 5, 2011

on the courts again

yesterday Bryan was on the tennis courts
yippee I say!
his foot had the time to heal over spring break
a necessary down time
and so it was such a joy to see him playing
he really has this exuberance that he brings to the game
and to his team - they were so happy to have him back
and were more than happy to let me know too
I love the tennis team
"Thank you, Mrs. Page, for bringing the snacks for us."
"Mrs. Page, thanks a lot for cleaning up the courts for us."

"happy to help out..."

happy that I can help out
it does make a difference to be off of chemo
at times like that, it reminds me...

of the time I messed up my ribs because I leaned over a fence
to get some trash
and ended up in a lot of pain over such a small event

I used to be the court cleaner before all home matches
and that was suspended

Bryan had some funny events such as his description aka great story
of how his shoe came off during a point
and he just kept on playing it out and won the point!
I didn't see it happen, I had gotten too cold and had to retreat to the car
but his storytelling made it so real!
he truly lives every single point

ok, time to fill his water bottle before heading out to school
for another day on the courts later
a bird is chirping ourside... meant to write outside!

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